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The Winery’s history:


Established in 1897 from a millennial tradition in growing grapevine and producing wines, and located in Toledo (Spain), the centennial winery was acquired by Don Guillermo Vaquero in 1965.

Later, in 1982, Don Guillermo Vaquero passed on the responsibility to his daughter Doña. Elisa Vaquero, current owner of the winery. Miss Vaquero has been a pioneer in the commercialization of top quality wines in Toledo’s province. Through destiny of favorable coincidence, she was rewarded with the “Woman Manager of the year 2004”, when she launched the famed brand, “SENORIO DE TOLEDO” to the market.

In the year 2000 the family Garcia Vaquero initiated their great project for the future, VIÑEDOS Y BODEGAS GARVA, building a modern winery in Toledo city. This cellar is endowed with the most modern of technologies for the elaboration of top quality wines under the name “Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla” and "D.O. Méntrida".


Our group of winemakers meticulously oversee the entire process, from the harvest to the last fine-tuning in the bottle.

For further elaboration of the wines, the Winery has made a remarkable association with the renowned wine-maker Joan Milá, who is one of the enologists with more prestigious international awards.

The winery’s values:
The philosophy of the winery is to continuously improve quality and produce innovative wines. With the constant focus of perfection combining custom, modern warehousing and wine-making technologies.

The vineyards and the cellars are located in the “Pagos of Ramabujas and The Dehesilla”, both in Toledo’s province.

The climate:
The vineyards located at 600 m. of altitude under the influence of the Tajo River, have a Mediterranean Continental microclimate; with very cold winters and dreadfully hot summers and a large temperature gap between day and night. This provides a high level of polyphenols in the grapes; a factor directly related with good health.

The Soil:
The landscape of our vineyards is characterized by a soft and wavy profile. The composition of the soil is argillo-calcareous, with high proportion of calcareous soil. Lacking in organic matter, nutrients, and mineral salts the soil is quite poor; all of which is very appropriate to produce quality wines. However, the under-soil is formed with smashed rocks, which allow the roots to get complementary minerals, favoring the balance of the several components of the grape.

Singular vineyard:
Extension: 110 hectares.
Average age: 15 years, having 25 hectares with more than 50 years.
Varieties: Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Garnacha and Macabeo or Viura.
Type of pruning: Double cord with short pruning, except for those vineyards older than 25 years that maintain their original form plantation, in vase.
Average yield per hectare: Between 2000 and 5500 Kilograms, depending on the age and type of vine.

The Harvest:
The harvest is carried out from sunrise to midday, exclusively manual, and with a rigorous selection of the grapes at the field. Later on, the grapes are correctly selected in a selection table.